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About EIN Gulf


In regions where the nearest health centre may be hundreds of kilometres away, reliable healthcare becomes a need. Access to reliable healthcare it is a right rather than a luxury for life in remote regions of the world.


With this mindset EIN Healthcare has set to develop complete state-of-art healthcare solutions in a manner that is highly professional and cost-effective at the same time.


Satisfying medical needs in remote communities by means of mobile units is a demanding task.


Originating from the Netherlands,  EIN Healthcare is highly specialised in the field of mobile healthcare. EIN Healthcare is to be a leading provider for customised mobile healthcare solutions for the medical sector in the MENA countries.


EIN Healthcare has categorised its mobile healthcare solutions based on the needs and purposes of the facility use. EIN Gulf has categorised them in the following way:  General Treatment, Hospital Extensions, Disaster Management and Diagnostics mobile solutions. 



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